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Nursery Rhymes – the Best Children's Music

This site and its companion recording, Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs, celebrate a unique Victorian children’s music collection of nursery rhymes, children’s songs, and lullabies. Composed and arranged by British Composer J.W. Elliott, Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs was first published in the 1870s in London, and quickly became a fond part of childhood for millions of children for more than 130 years. This children’s music collection contains some of the most beautiful children’s songs ever written.

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J.W. Elliott’s musical setting of Children's nursery rhymes offers the perfect music choice for every stage of a child’s life. It is an excellent choice for: 
bedtime songs to soothe your baby to sleep
favorite children’s music when traveling with toddlers 
superior material for preschool and kindergarten music activities 
“quiet time” anywhere
a unique baby shower gift idea, or a delightful birthday gift 
The inspirational music in this children's music collection can even be used as a tool to stimulate discussions about morals for very young children. 

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