Maggie's Pet

Sweet Maggie had a little bird, and "Goldie" was his name,
And on her hand he used to sit, he was so very tame.

Her rosy lips he'd often peck, which meant a loving kiss.
Oh, would not you delight to have a pretty bird like this.
A lump of sugar sweet and white, would Maggie give her Dick,
And then she'd watch how eagerly he'd fly to it and peck:
And such a merry song he'd sing to thank her for the treat,
For little birds (like little girls) love something nice to eat.

Alas, one day, a hungry cat, with very spiteful eyes, Beheld poor "Goldie's" open cage,
Oh! What a glad surprise! So mewing loud with cruel glee, she spread her wicked claws,
And soon the tender little bird was fixed within her jaws.
I do not care to tell how much our darling Maggie cried,
Or how she kissed the empty cage the day poor birdie died.
One little golden feather, soft, I know she treasures yet,'
Twas all the cruel, spiteful cat, did leave of Maggie's pet.

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