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Many nursery rhymes began as political commentary when direct criticism of politicians or the Crown was dangerous. The song “Whittington For Ever” was a campaign slogan touting the popular Dick Whittington, who served three terms as Lord Mayor of London starting in 1397! You can imagine how old the other rhymes are. Your local library may have more sources regarding the origins of children’s nursery rhymes or you can go to our Links page.

The nursery songs used popular children’s poetry of the Victorian period. Some of the poems, like “Three Children Sliding” and “The Man in the Moon” were popular nonsense verses. Other poems, like ¨The Spider and the Fly¨ sought to teach morals using fables or frightening allegories. Teaching children morals and gentle behavior was important to parents then, just as it is to today’s parents. Since children love to sing, the nursery song was the perfect vehicle.

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